United Nations: Female journalists in Afghanistan face severe restrictions

1 month ago
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In the latest case, the United Nations has published a report stating that women journalists in Afghanistan are facing severe restrictions since the current government took over the country.

The United Nations has stated that the basic rights and freedoms of women and girls in Afghanistan are still severely limited.

The United Nations report on Afghanistan states that on March 20 of this year, with the start of the new school year in the country, girls above the sixth grade were still banned and could not go to school this year.

The United Nations emphasized that in the ceremony to start the new school year in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Education of the current government, in its invitation to the media for media coverage of the program, ordered female journalists not to participate in the program due to “lack of suitable place”.

The organization said that women journalists in Afghanistan face severe restrictions and their basic freedoms, including access to information and freedom of movement, are severely restricted.

The United Nations says that journalists and media workers are being arbitrarily detained, and the broadcasts of two television channels have also been suspended.

Also, in another part of this report, it is stated that the officials and soldiers of the previous government of Afghanistan are still threatened by the current government, which includes arbitrary arrests, torture, ill-treatment and execution.

The United Nations report on Afghanistan states that in February of this year, the current government executed three people publicly and said that these executions were carried out by three high courts and with the approval of the leader of the caretaker government.

It should be noted that while this report is being presented at the UN Security Council meeting, the third UN meeting on Afghanistan will be held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, in two weeks.

It is said that representatives of Afghan women and civil society were not invited to the third Doha meeting.

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