United Nations: Afghanistan is experiencing the biggest migration crisis

1 month ago
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The United Nations Development Program has announced that it will support women’s entrepreneurship and business expansion, creating jobs for internally displaced persons and returnees across Afghanistan.
By publishing a report of a business woman who recently returned from Iran, this organization said that Afghanistan is experiencing the biggest and longest migration crisis in the world.
The United Nations Development Program emphasized that in partnership with the World Bank, the European Union and the Asian Development Bank, it has conducted a post-disaster needs assessment in Herat earthquakes and supported the community against resilience.
It is stated in the report that it has supported the business of 237 women in Herat.
According to this report, the United Nations Development Program has supported 470 informal businesses led by women in the priority areas of return and reintegration in Herat province through grants.
It is also stated in a part of this report that after the rule of the caretaker government, more than 1.6 million Afghans migrated to neighboring countries, most of them illegally crossing the borders.
The United Nations Development Program has previously announced the support of small and medium-sized businesses led by women.
It should be said that the caretaker government has prohibited the work of women in various institutions. This United Nations organization is trying to provide women and girls with work in this way.
According to UN statistics, the ban on women’s work damages the Afghan economy from six million to one billion dollars a year.

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