UNICEF: 875 thousand Afghan children suffer from fatal malnutrition

3 weeks ago
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UNICEF or the United Nations Children’s Fund has warned about the impact of climate change on the food security of children in Afghanistan.

The organization estimates that currently more than 875,000 children under the age of five in Afghanistan suffer from acute and fatal malnutrition in Afghanistan.

UNICEF has published a report saying that the torrential rains in April this year caused the residents of the flooded areas to lose everything.

The United Nations Children’s Fund emphasized that the lack of food and clean drinking water are among the things that make children sick, and most of them do not have access to medical centers.

According to information from international organizations, Afghanistan is the seventh most vulnerable country to the effects of climate change, while this country has one of the lowest levels of pollution in the world.

The United Nations says that in a situation where 80% of Afghanistan’s population depends on agriculture, frequent natural disasters have a direct impact on the nutrition of families, especially in rural areas.

In its report, UNICEF says that devastating flash floods after the earthquake and droughts of the last few years have threatened food security in Afghanistan by destroying food sources.

According to UNICEF, more than 7,500 houses have been destroyed and 5,000 families have been displaced due to sudden floods in the western and northern provinces of Afghanistan in the past few weeks.

Also, according to the report of this child protection organization, the recent floods in Baghlan have destroyed three thousand houses and left 220 injured and 150 dead.

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