Secretary General of Amnesty International: Without the participation of women, the Doha meeting is invalid

4 weeks ago
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The Secretary General of Amnesty International has reacted to the third Doha meeting and says that the Doha meeting has no validity without the participation of human rights defenders, women and regardless of human rights issues.

Agnes Kalamar, Secretary General of Amnesty International, published a message in a message saying that the rights of Afghan women and girls are not negotiable and they should be at the center of the United Nations meeting in Doha.

Mrs. Kalamar emphasized in her message that if the human rights crisis in Afghanistan is not properly investigated and women’s rights defenders and other relevant stakeholders from the Afghan civil society do not participate, the credibility of the meeting will be in danger.

He added that abandoning fundamental discussions about human rights is unacceptable.

He said that surrendering to the conditions of the caretaker government to guarantee their participation in the Doha meeting brings the risk of legitimizing the repression system; A system that brutally excluded all women from the society and destroyed their fundamental rights.

It should be said that the Doha meeting is scheduled to be held on June 30 and July 1 hosted by the United Nations in Qatar.

Also, the caretaker government officials expressed their readiness to participate in the Doha meeting after long talks with the UN representatives. The UN Secretary General’s representative had said that the new format was the only way forward. According to him, this is not the last Doha meeting and the process of talks will continue.

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