Rina Amiri: There is no solution to Afghanistan’s challenges without women

4 weeks ago
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Rina Amiri, the US special representative for women’s affairs and human rights in Afghanistan, in response to the criticism of the absence of women in the third Doha meeting, said that without the presence of women in discussions related to the future of Afghanistan, there is no solution to the challenges of this country.
Mrs. Amiri raised this issue in a message on the occasion of International Women’s Day in Diplomacy on her X account.
She added: “There is no solution to the challenges of peace, security and stability in Afghanistan without the [presence] of Afghan women in discussions about the future of this country.”
She emphasized that women and girls have played an important role throughout the history of Afghanistan.
The US special representative for women and human rights in Afghanistan emphasizes the presence of women in discussions about the future of Afghanistan, while women have been excluded from the meeting that will be held in Doha next week.
Officials of human rights institutions, special representatives of the United States, including Reina Amiri herself, have not yet commented on the exclusion of women and representatives of civil society from the Doha meeting, which is facing widespread criticism.
It is worth mentioning that the third meeting of the special representatives of the countries on Afghanistan affairs is scheduled to be held on Sunday and Monday next week, hosted by the United Nations in Doha.
In this meeting, only the caretaker government has been invited from Afghanistan.
The current government delegation led by Zabihullah Mujahid, the government spokesman, is supposed to participate in the Doha meeting.

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