Fouzia Koofi: The exclusion of women from the Doha meeting is another failure for the United Nations

3 weeks ago
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Fawzia Koofi, a former member of the House of Representatives of the former government of Afghanistan and the head of the Moj Tafalgh party, reacted to the third Doha meeting and said that the exclusion of women, civil institutions and democratic forces is another failure for the United Nations, which now considers itself the only actor in Afghanistan.
Ms. Koofi posted a message on her X user account and wrote that the design of the Doha meeting is against the will of the caretaker government of Afghanistan and is in conflict with Security Council Resolution 2721.
She emphasized that the withdrawal of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from the first Doha process led to a profound failure, which led to the collapse of all the institutions that were built with the blood and collective capital of the Afghan people and their international partners.
She, who was a member of the negotiating team between the former government of Afghanistan and the current government, also warned about the unfortunate consequences of the third Doha meeting.
Also, human rights and women’s rights activists say that the United Nations has excluded women and democratic forces against the current government from the third meeting in Doha.
Before this, the current government had set conditions for participating in the third Doha meeting.
Determining the desired agenda of the current government, handing over Afghanistan’s seat in the United Nations to the caretaker government and not inviting members of the civil society were among the government’s conditions for participating in the third Doha meeting.
Also, the current government has asked the United Nations to desist from appointing a new special representative for Afghanistan.
Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the current government, announced today (Sunday, 28th of Gemini) that government representatives will participate in the third Doha meeting on Afghanistan.
Mr. Mujahid said that “after reviewing the agenda of the third Doha meeting, he decided to participate in this meeting” because he considers it “for the benefit of Afghanistan”.
The third meeting of Doha hosted by the United Nations and with the presence of special representatives of countries in Afghanistan affairs is scheduled to be held on 10th and 11th of January.

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