Filming and photography of wedding circles in the women’s section of Ghazni was banned

3 weeks ago
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Local sources and owners of photography and filming studios in Ghazni Province say that the Department of Prohibition and Prohibition of Prohibition of Evil in this province has banned filming and photography from women’s wedding parties, which causes dozens of people to lose their jobs.
At least four sources from Ghazni told Gowharshad Media that the Directorate of Prohibition and Prohibition issued this order verbally on (Monday, jon 24).
The source emphasized that the Ministry of Prosperity and Prohibition of Prohibition summoned a number of owners of photography and filming studios and communicated this order to them.
A number of owners and employees of photography and filming studios in Ghazni say that this order will make them unemployed.
On the other hand, Hamidullah Nisar, the head of information and culture of Ghazni, has confirmed this order while talking to Gowharshad media.
Mr. Nisar said: “This decision was taken at the request of the noble people of Ghazni Province. Also, filming and photographing women’s wedding parties is also not correct from a religious and cultural point of view.
However, the owner of a photography and videography studio has told the media that he has invested 400,000 Afghanis and is making a living in this way.
It is further stated that he is forced to change his job now that filming and photography of happy circles, especially wedding circles in the women’s section, has been banned.
It should be said that there are more than 50 photography and filming studios in Ghazni, each of which employs five to six people.
This is despite the fact that the caretaker government has imposed extensive restrictions on holding happy gatherings, including wedding ceremonies, since regaining control of Afghanistan.
The caretaker government had previously banned the playing of music in wedding ceremonies in different provinces of the country.

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